Customised power electronics solutions for a wide range of battery storage applications

Demonstartor 480s 0 – 1500 V AC/DC

Our Advantages


Up to 20% lower cost


Up to 50% longer lifetime


Losses reduced by up to 90%

The integration of previously separate components into this platform has the dual benefit of reducing costs by up to 20% while also increasing the efficiency and reliability of the overall system.

The use of intelligent charging and discharging processes, which are individually tailored to each cell in the system, doubles the service life compared to existing solutions.

The use of compact and efficient power electronics at the cell level has the potential to reduce energy loss by up to 90%.

Economic Efficiency

  • Integration of all functions
  • Less components and process steps
  • Cells with wide tolerances

Rapid Market Readines

  • Optimize cell usage
  • Bulit-in redundancy

Rapid Market Readiness

  • Reduced manufacturing costs and cheaper service
  • Effiency over 98%
  • Seamless integration through open software interfaces

our principlices





  • Default (off) state
  • All battery terminals
  • Maximized safety:
    system output is 0 V
  • Stage does not contribute
    to system output voltage
  • Longer lifetime: weak cells
    are loaded less, defective
    cells are bypassed
  • System not limited by weak
    or defective cells
  • Stage switched for positive
    output voltage
  • Stage switched for negative
    output voltage

For a complete system, many battery cell
stages are connected in series.
Our power electronics platform controls all
stages to deliver the desired system output.

System topology


Universal applications


  • Storing renewable energy
  • Sector coupling
  • UPS backup power
  • Fast charging EVs
  • Grid support


  • Ships
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Cars

And many more!

Software defined

  • voltage type
  • voltage range
  • frequency range
  • current range
  • cell chemistry

Modular implementation

Central Control Unit

No external inverter or separate battery management system nessessary

Energy storage system,
in this example: 132s1p, 20kWh, 10 kW DC, 4,6 kVA AC, ~ 98 % inverter peak efficiency


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Our Publications

Title: Multilevel battery converter with cascaded H-bridges on cell level-battery management system or a renewed attempt for Power Electronic Building Blocks? Published: 2022 24th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE’22 ECCE Europe)

Title: Scalable battery cell cascaded H-bridge converter

Published: 2022 PESS + PELSS 2022; Power and Energy Student Summit

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to license our technology.

Step 1: Initial consultation

We are pleased to offer you our comprehensive expertise in multi-level converter technology. We would be delighted to conduct a non-binding preliminary discussion with you to evaluate the integration of our technology.

Step 2: Concept analysis

Our team will analyze your energy system to identify the optimal solution for your requirements. This will include optimizing your energy storage system, as well as the components and software, to enhance the performance of your battery storage system.

Step 3: Deployment

We provide all the necessary hardware components, the associated documentation, PCB assemblies, and software for a seamless implementation. All of this is provided under a personalized license agreement.

Our energie storage challenge

Our development work is the result of passionate research and focused development. We create pioneering solutions that improve the efficiency of energy storage and maximize the use of renewable energy.
P&E is not just about technology; we are shaping a more sustainable future. Each stage of our project brings us closer to a world where energy is used more efficiently and clean energy sources shape our way of life.
Our goal with this platform is to usher in a new era of energy innovation and tackle the challenges of climate change and maximize energy efficiency.

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